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What’s an Arrgly?

Arrgly configuration.
Arrgly is a simple utility that allows you to create short URL’s using your custom YOURLS URL shortening service.

If you’re already using YOURLS you’ll know how to use this utility, if you don’t know what YOURLS is, you can read about it here.

I built Arrgly because I was tired of visiting the webpage of my YOURLS server just to shorten a URL. With Arrgly the process is very simple.

  1. Copy a URL to the paste board
  2. Open Arrgly – This will shorten the link on the paste board and copy the new short version back to the pasteboard
  3. Paste the new short URL into an email, Twitter, or your favorite application

That’s all it takes to use the app; Copy, Shorten, Paste, Done!


Arrgly configuration.
The first time you launch Arrgly you’ll see a little configuration dialog. All this UI requires is the URL to your YOURLS service and your Signature. If you don’t know what a Signature is, you can read about it at YOURLS PasswordlessAPI.

Once you’ve set these two fields tap the Done button.

You’re done, now you can shorten a link.


If you’d like a new feature or find any bugs (we certainly hope you don’t find any) please contact us at

What’s up with that name? Arrgly? Please.

Yeah, it’s a super bad name, we know. The application is actually quite ugly. There’s no design to speak of, it just does stuff. Since we like pirates and the application is ugly we decided a pirate would say ugly as “Arrgly.” Thus the name.